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Playwright • Screenwriter


"Bill McMahon’s script is disarmingly complex. The relatively accessible story of boy meets man, man leaves wife, and boy struggles with leaving girl is the softer side of the plot with an underbelly barnacled with intrigue, years of layered fear and disappointment, and a ground-breaking glimpse into the real meaning of falling in love...This is not a love story but a story about love. Who we love, why we love, how we love, when we love and the puzzling consequences love can inflict on the participants. The story is non-judgmental, places no stereotypical labels, holds no accusations, and realizes that authentic love might be involuntary and unintentional..." 

David Roberts, Theater Reviews Unlimited, on COVER

On Writing


People sometimes ask me, "What kind of plays do you write?" and I'm always stumped for an answer.  

I write both dramas and comedies, and most of my plays are a mixture of both.

But the one constant that links all my work is that every piece in some way is about an unexpected journey for each of the  characters.  I think the most compelling stories are those in which humans end up in a situation they never expected or aimed for. 



You hear it till you want to scream, but still, it's true: theater is about as collaborative as any creative pursuit gets.  Any dramatic writer is dependent on the talent and insight of cast, director, producer - I had all that and more from the team of COVER.  

The cast of COVER - Max Rhyser, Olivia Mell, Tony Travostino and Karin de la Penha.  

Produced by Jim Kierstead at the Midtown International Theater Festival, July 2014.

Directed by Paul Michael.

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